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The Niskas

I am completely "blown away" after listening to and watching the videos of "The Niskas". They are absolutely "wonderful".

            —Tony Butala, Founder of The Lettermen             

Growing up in the same home has its advantages. Terry and his brother Kurt know that in spades. Singing together since they were teenagers has given them a definite “style” and a connection that only brothers can experience. Sharing their love for music has led them to this point in their career…The Niskas!

In college at UW-Eau Claire, (where Terry also did his undergraduate studies) Kurt’s eyes and ears were taken with fellow student and singer Lorie Carpenter. Dating eventually led to a trip down the aisle for Kurt and Lorie. Kurt and Lorie started out their career singing in the vocal jazz quartet Hot Jazz, formed on the campus of UW-Eau Claire. It soon evolved into a quintet called Five By Design with Terry joining as the bass singer.

Five By Design’s first symphony performance occurred in 1994 with their production of Radio Days featuring songs, costumes and sketches from the WWII era. Following the success of that production more shows were created and taken on tour for the next 26 years.

Branching out as The Niskas, Terry now spends his time writing and arranging original pieces along with great cover tunes to fit their unique and close-knit blend. Kurt and Lorie help hone these pieces so the style reflects what is special about their harmonies. Kurt leads all the rehearsals and handles all the little details that make The Niskas' music come alive. Lorie is the “look” behind The Niskas with her great sense of fashion as well as an uncanny intuitive feel for music.

As they move forward in their new endeavor, the excitement for what lies ahead continues to grow. Who knows what the future holds, but it certainly does look “Bright”!

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