Interview Details
Thanks for Sharing Your Expertise

• Select 3 dates / time that you are available for an interview. We will select one of the dates. Since Behind The Mic is based in St. Paul MN USA, be sure to tell name of the city & country where you are located.

• We suggest 1 or 2 individuals participate in the interview; however, the entire group is welcome if you wish.


Very Important!
We recommend someone to act as a videographer. DSLR cameras are excellent for capturing the interview. Be sure to use a tripod. Two cameras can add interest, but are not necessary. Please include a lavalier or a boom mic at close proximity for quality vocal recording (outside the frame of the video). 

• We will correspond with each other via FaceTime (Mac OS X / iPad). This will not appear on the video. It simply gives us the opportunity to see each other. In order to see each other on FaceTime, we will need your email address and phone number.

• Choose a pleasant looking room  with plenty of natural light. If you need lighting, use cfl (white) lights in a soft box.

• Close-up shots alternating with a full shot or different angles add interest.

• We will send 5 questions in advance of the interview as a start. Feel free to direct the conversation concerning ideas you wish to promote.

• Be sure you send us a quality .jpg of yourself and the group.

• Send us your .mp4 files. We will edit & post the final project.

• We’ll send you the completed html webpage in advance. You are welcome to edit, make corrections as you see fit.

Call or write Alton Accola at
+1 651.335.5466

Video Examples 
We want you video interview to look as good as possible. Below are 2 examples of great quality shoots. 

Roger Emerson

Ben Folds

Kerry Marsh

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