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Singing the Praises of Starbucks

Cheryl Bentyne and eight international vocal groups are gearing up for an international holiday special.

2018 Worldwide Holiday Special with Cheryl Bentyne

Debut: December 1, 2018
Behind The Mic is producing the “Worldwide Holiday Special”, hosted by Cheryl Bentyne, vocalist with the Grammy award-winning The Manhattan Transfer.

The 1-hour internet broadcast debuts December 1st featuring
The Company (The Philippines),
Accent (England, France, Sweden, Canada, the U.S.), Touche (Denmark), Sambaranda (
Vox Arsana (Slovenia), and Groove For Thought, The Niskas, and Highline Vocal Jazz (U.S.).


The finale features Ms. Bentyne performing “Christmas Time Is Here” accompanied by 42 vocalists of the 8 ensembles multi-tracked on a virtual video wall. Once completed, the 1-hour special will be pitched to PBS in a new "Worldwide Holiday Special" for December 2019.

Starbucks Value-In-Kind Sponsorship
Starbucks has the opportunity to partner with Behind The Mic in a value-in-kind sponsorship for the promotion of its 1-hour internet special. The 2018 Worldwide Holiday Special features an international convergence of vocal groups from 8 countries.

Our vision is to reach over 1 million viewers throughout the world. Through an in-kind partnership Behind The Mic can extend Starbucks global reach through an entertainment feature.

The Long Term Vision

The long term vision is a 2019 PBS television broadcast of the with potential television specials in the country of each vocal group.


The Vocal Groups
Accent  (Sweden, France, England, Canada, U.S.) “Sugar
Touché  (Denmark) “But Beautiful
Vox Arsana (Slovenia) “Over The Rainbow

The Company (Philippines) “Waters Of March

Sambaranda (Brazil) “The Christmas Song” (sung in Portuguese)

Highline Vocal Jazz (New York)  “Let’s Stay Together

The Niskas (Minnesota)  “Silent Night

Groove For Thought (Washington)  “Winter Wonderland

The above music videos indicate the quality of each ensemble.

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