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Our recordings grew out of years of music provided for liturgies at Nativity of Our Lord in Saint Paul, Minnesota. These recordings capture some of our favorites. Offering our music at hundreds of Sunday Masses, weddings, funerals, prayer services, retreats, and other events is a privilege and a joy.

Our music is acoustic, prayerful, and eclectic. The variety reflects our tastes and musical backgrounds, ranging from degrees in classical music to many years of experience performing live in bands or as a solo act around the Twin Cities.

Whether we’re doing a familiar church hymn, a traditional American melody, or contemporary Christian music, we hope to touch the spirit of our listeners.


Personnel Over The Years
Amy Kuebelbeck
 | guitar, vocals, piano
Michael Loonan | piano, vocals, guitar
Damien Riehl | lead vocals
Vicki Plaster Kueppers | lead vocals
Wendy Plaster| lead vocals
Kathryn Budzien | lead vocals
John Theis
 | lead vocals
Tara Lyons | lead vocals
Joe Henderson | vocals
Jill Treacy | vocals
A.J. Kueppers | vocals

Eric Larson | flute and soprano sax

David Methner | clarinet and alto sax
Brigid McCarthy | violin
Conor O’Brien | violin and viola

Adrianna O’Brien | cello
Steven C. Anderson | keyboards

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