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The Behind The Mic Interview
with Sheridan Zuther

Sheridan Zuther & Adi Yeshaya
Growing up among the wheat fields of Martin, North Dakota, Zuther spent many her days vocalizing in the family grain silo. It was the beginning of her musical journey from her collegiate years studying opera at Kansas City to eventually settling in Minneapolis as a freelancing vocalist. Follow Zuther and what led  her to create Songs from the Silo as a retrospective of her musical career.

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Sheridan Zuther’s Songs from the Silo was recorded at Creation Audio in Minneapolis. The studio, owned by sound engineer, Steven Wiese who brings 29 years of experience to the recording business. His credits include The Jonas Brothers, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, and Miley Cyrus. Listen to Zuther and Wiese in their discussion of the music business.

A Conversation with Steven Wiese and Sheridan Zuther

“I’m Going To Go Back There Someday”


“Childhood Memories”

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