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Sheridan Zuther

Sheridan Zuther grew up among the wheat fields of Minot, North Dakota, singing in the grain silo of the family farm. Following her dream of a professional career, Zuther graduated from the University of Missouri—Kansas City, earning a degree in opera performance.

Zuther then relocated to Minneapolis starring at notable theater venues including the Guthrie, Ordway Center, Pantages, and Parkway Theaters. She later spent 7 years as a full-time vocalist with the symphony pops vocal quintet, Five By Design.

The Real Group was formed in 1984 by five student



The mentorship has evolved over the years and seeks s to integrate artistic aspirations with human rights, ecological awareness, global concern and a feministic mindset.

The organization is today owned and managed by Margareta Bengtson, Anders Edenroth, Katarina Henryson and Peder Karlsson.

Website: Amazon The Real Group

The Original TRG / 1984


Katarina Henryson, Margareta Bengtson, Anders Jalkéus, Anders Edenroth and Peder Karlsson

The New TRG / 2022


Joanné Nugas, Axel Berntzon, Johannes Rückert Becker, Clara Fornander, Daniele Dees 


Peder Karlsson, Margareta Bengtson, Katarina Henryson and

Anders Edenroth.