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Quinta and a Half
Yarden Cohen • Doron Ben-Ami • Ayala Fossfeld
Raviv Lieb Pirer • Naama Nachum • Erez Tal


For over 12 years, Quinta.5 has been redefining the limits of the human voice, in a show that captivates the crowd over and over again. Their vocal blend, together with their original arrangements create a unique Israeli sound that can be distinguished in every performance, providing a rich musical experience for the Israeli audience.


Since the group was formed in 2006 by its founder Doron Ben-Ami, Quinta.5 has achieved great recognition both in Israel and throughout the world, and today is at the forefront of the contemporary a cappella scene in Israel. In 2012 they performed in the Israeli Music Awards (Acum) for the first time, and since then their performance has become one of the recurring acts every year.


The group performed in many Israeli well known festivals as well as formal national ceremonies and numerous television shows. In 2015 the group toured in the United States for the first time in celebration of the Israeli Independence Day.


Over the years the group collaborated with many well-known Israeli artists, such as Nurit Galron, Guri Alfi, Avi Grayinik, the Mayumana Project and more. In 2017, Quinta.5 collaborated with Elai Botner and the Outside Children for a special project by Glglz, the most famous Israeli radio station.

But what really makes the music and the group remain successful for this long is true friendship, the ability to work in harmony and their great love for music.

Quinta and a Half

Composer/Arranger • founder of Voctave

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