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2024 Worldwide Christmas Special

Filming in Mpls-St Paul MN • August 2023

Behind The Mic has envisioned the filming of its international holiday special featuring contemporary vocal groups from 11 countries and co-hosted by Grammy-winning vocalists Alvin Chea, vocalist with TAKE 6, and Rosana Eckert, recording artist and educator at the University of North Texas.

In December 2024, the $5mm production will be televised nationally with distribution to the countries of the participating artists. The production has a global reach through collaborative experiential opportunities impacting your corporate brand. JUST IMAGINE!

Just Imagine

the 2023 “Worldwide Christmas Special”

Experiential Opportunities

Global Corporate Collaborations

We are seeking to collaborate with corporations that have a global reach. Members of our team consult with your marketing and sponsorship division. 


Co-Hosts Alvin Chea & Rosana Eckert