Shams Ahmed 

Shams Ahmed is an arranger, vocal producer, and creative director based in Los Angeles, CA. He is a graduate of Northeastern University, where he directed a cappella heavy-hitters and two-time ICCA champions, The Nor'easters, while studying Finance.

Under his leadership, the group progressed from its casual beginnings to becoming one of the most storied groups in the game. Shams’ unique directing and arranging style became synonymous with the group’s signature sound, still emulated by collegiate groups today. 


In 2013, Shams continued pursuing musical projects while also (plot twist) juggling a busy career in Investment Banking and Finance. It was at a fateful Pentatonix concert that he met arranger Ben Bram. The two became fast friends, and later, colleagues. During the summers, Shams would jet off to Los Angeles, where he directed at A Cappella Academy, an elite summer music program, designed to train the mentor top
up-and-coming vocalists around the world. 


In 2019, Shams launched a female pop/R&B group called Citizen Queen along with Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying, Jonathan Kalter, and Ben Bram. In its first two years, the group now has a record deal with RCA and a summer arena tour under its belt, as well as over 30 million channel views on YouTube. Now in 2021, the group has begun to release their own original music (written and produced by songwriting duo NOVA WAV and hitmaker Justin Tranter, and co-produced by Shams), starting with their debut single "Call Me Queen" and their latest release "No Ego".


The four have also launched a new kids a cappella brand called Acapop! KIDS, who have racked up 100M+ views across YouTube and Facebook and are gearing up to launch their second album 'ACAPOP 2'. With this project, Shams wears many hats: producer, arranger, creative director, stylist, comptroller, media coordinator, brand strategist, etc. With recent performances on The Kelly Clarkson Show and high-quality music videos rolling out consistently, the brand is poised to take the kids entertainment world by storm!

Shams loves to give back to a cappella community by serving as a regular judge at the International Competition for Collegiate A Cappella, as well as festivals for the Contemporary A Cappella Society. 

Outside of a cappella, he serves as a Director of Talent & Creative for Northeastern University events. most notably, his edu-tainment piece at $1.4 billion EMPOWER Celebration. He additionally produces entertainment for other large-scale University events.


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