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Behind The Mic envisions filming the 2025 Worldwide Christmas Special in Minnesota for a nationally televised broadcast with global distribution. The 90-minute production will feature a celebrity emcee, Grammy-winning co-hosts, and nine international vocal ensembles.  

Alvin Chea (Take 6) and Rosana Eckert 
(vocal jazz educator at the University of North Texas) have filmed video endorsements of the holiday special and confirmed that they will co-host
 once financing is secured.

Rosana Eckert • Alvin Chea • 7th Element

COVID pushed back the 2022 holiday special.

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Over the past decade, we’ve filmed interviews with extraordinary vocal groups on Behind The Mic. The music video clips include artists we are considering for appearances in the 2025 Worldwide Christmas Special. Our mission of “fostering global harmony through vocal harmony” broadens the scope of entertainment and music education, emphasizing a collaboration of diverse artists in our global community.

Michael Buble.png
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We are on the lookout for a celebrity emcee who embodies qualities of warmth, cordiality, and influence, to emcee the "2025 Worldwide Christmas Special." Behind The Mic is not only dedicated to curating a holiday special combining music and storytelling, but also championing the careers of tomorrow’s vocal groups and advancing the cause of music education worldwide.

Paul Peterson and Donny Osmond

We recently became aware of your role as Donny Osmond’s music director. Given your association with Mr. Osmond, we are reaching out with a proposition that we believe could be mutually beneficial and truly exceptional.

We would be honored if you and Mr. Osmond would entertain the idea of partnering with us in realizing a shared vision for a Christmas special in 2025. Specifically, we are exploring the possibility of collaborating on a nationally televised holiday special with worldwide distribution. Such an endeavor has the potential to make a positive impact, not only on a global scale but also specifically within the state of Minnesota.


As I came across the Osmonds performing a 7-part arrangement of "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life,"  I couldn't help but marvel at their love and dedication for music. 


We are dedicated to encouraging schools in broadening the scope of music education. Our focus aims to provide artists with a global media platform to advance their careers. Combining music with storytelling, we can impart the values of joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, and love... “it’s what the world needs now!”

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Title sponsorship provides crucial financial backing for the production, including hiring top talent, securing filming locations, purchasing equipment, and ensuring the highest production values.

Because the 2025 Worldwide Christmas Special will be nationally televised and distributed to the countries of the participating artists, the title sponsor will receive global brand exposure leading throughout the holiday season. This exposure will significantly enhance brand visibility among the nationally televised audience, increasing brand recognition and customer engagement.


We posed a general question to Bing GPT about the impact of AAA on the production of the Worldwide Christmas Special, and here's the response it generated.

  • Audience Data: By analyzing who is watching the show, their demographics, and viewing habits, producers can tailor the content to appeal to the widest or most lucrative audience. This might include selecting music that resonates with certain age groups or scheduling the special at a time when the target audience is most likely to be watching.

  • AI and Machine Learning: AI can predict which songs or performers might be more popular by analyzing past trends and current music streaming data. It can also help in creating engaging promotional materials by determining what kind of advertising content viewers are more likely to respond to.

  • Analytics: Real-time analytics can provide immediate feedback on how the special is being received by the audience. For example, social media sentiment analysis can gauge viewer reactions, and streaming figures can show how many people are watching live or catching up later.


Given the recent debut of Apple Vision Pro, there exists a distinctive chance to establish a potential "title sponsorship" with Apple to transform the Christmas special into an all-Apple venture. By collaborating with Apple, we can extend the reach and influence of global audiences, advancing the objectives of technology, education, and entertainment.

The partnership will not only provide crucial financial support for the holiday special’s production and distribution, but also offer valuable exposure and brand association with a worldwide audience.

apple pro.jpg

It is noteworthy that Governor Walz recently signed Minnesota’s film and tax credit. According to a YouGov survey, 65% of Americans say they tune in to holiday programming. Such support bolsters the state's economy, amplifies voices from diverse backgrounds, and  the way for music and storytelling to take a global stage.

Because the production will also be distributed to the countries of the global artists, we are pitching “title sponsorship” for the holiday special to a sole global corporation.


If you find this project intriguing, let’s schedule a meeting to see how you envision your involvement. Crucially, it must capture Mr. Osmond’s attention and interest. 

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with and interviewing some of the world’s most talented vocal groups in the industry. They are at the 
pinnacle of the artform and merit international recognition. Leveraging Mr. Osmond's influence can aid in securing the "title sponsorship" for the project. These artists deserve a global media stage.

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