Empty Theater

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Part 1: Sheridan & Adi Yeshaya (Nov 21)

Part 2 Sheridan & Steve Wiese (Dec 5)

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Christmas Around the World

Beginning December 1st, we will feature some of the world’s best vocal groups performing music of the holiday season. Each day, Behind The Mic will feature a new vocal group so be sure to turn in each day.

December 3rd: Maybebop (Germany)

Lustige Schlittenfahrt” (Sleigh Ride)

December 1  The Blenders
December 2  The Niskas

December 3  Maybebop
December 4  MayTree

December 5  Accent
December 6  Home Free

December 7  Sambaranda
December 8  Business Casual

December 9  Afro Blue
December 10  OneVoice

December 11  7th Element
December 12  Joyful 6

December 13  The Apex Singers

December 14 Club For Five
December 15  Groove For Thought

December 16  The Real Group
December 17  Highline Vocal Jazz

December 18  Vox Arsana

December 19  BYU Vocal Point
December 20. Pentatonix

December 21
December 22

December 23
December 24

Sheridan Songs from The Silo.jpg

The Album has Dropped on
“Songs from the Silo”

Listen to clips from Sheridan Zuther’s debut recording through clicking on the album cover below!