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Shams Ahmed is an entrepreneur, executive producer, and vocal arranger based in Los Angeles, California. Along side Scott Hoying (Pentatonix) and Ben Bram, he is the co-founder of major label pop/R&B girl group, Citizen Queen, as well as the youth vocal sensation, Acapop! KIDS. 

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  • Shams Ahmed

Coming: April 2021

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The San Francisco Based A Cappella Quintet

Leslie Baker, Roshun Alur, Jacob Chamoun, Cassandra Chamoun, and Michael Wang are members of Business Casual.

The vocal band combines elements of pop, jazz, and other genres to produce fresh a cappella versions of vintage chart toppers, today’s top 40 hits, and award-winning original songs.

Deke Sharon called the fivesome, 
without a doubt the next big thing in a cappella!”

Coming in May 2021

Business Casual

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