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Behind The Mic

“fostering global harmony through vocal harmony”

Music and lyrics define who we are as a culture.
At Behind The Mic, we view the world through the prism

of positive behaviors, ambitions, and actions.

The next generation of vocal artists represents 

a cross-section of cultures in our global community,

uplifting and impacting humanity in the spirit of 

diversity, generosity, faith, and LOVE...
it’s what the world needs now.

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Founded in 2014, Behind The Mic is a global resource for vocal groups, music educators, and industry specialists. The site includes conversations with Bobby McFerrin, The Manhattan Transfer, Sweden’s The Real Group, and Brazil’s Sambaranda, Germany’s Maybebop, and South Korea’s Maytree. 

Experiential Opportunities
Our creatives will collaborate with your sponsorship and marketing division in discovering the needs of brands in building business growth. The 2024 Worldwide Christmas Special features artists from 10 countries to extend your global reach. 

The holiday special will be filmed in Minnesota during the summer of 2024 for a December broadcast. The production features co-hosts, Alvin Chea of the 10-time Grammy-winning, TAKE 6 and Rosana Eckert, recording artist and vocal educator at the University of North Texas. The 90-minute holiday special will be televised nationally and distributed to the countries of the featured artists from Slovenia, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, France, England, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.

Coming In 2024!

Behind The Mic has envisioned the filming of its 2024 Worldwide

Christmas Special, co-hosted by Grammy-winning vocalists, Alvin Chea and Rosana Eckert.


Vocal groups from Slovenia, South Korea, Germany, India, Sweden, France, England, Brazil, Canada, and the United States will be invited to film the 90-minute holiday in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The production will be filmed in the summer of 2024  before a live, 
studio audience for a nationally televised December broadcast with distribution to the countries of the participating artists.


JUST IMAGiNE and watch the video below...

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