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Celebrating A World of Harmony

2018 Worldwide Holiday Special

In 2018, Behind The Mic produced a holiday special hosted by Cheryl Bentyne of the Manhattan Transfer featuring vocal harmony groups from Slovenia, the Philippines, Denmark, Sweden, France, England, Brazil, Canada, and the United States

The production closed with Ms. Bentyne performing “Christmas Time Is Here” accompanied in an 8-part arrangement by the 35 international vocalists.


2021 Worldwide Holiday Special

Our vision for 2021 is filming a new Worldwide Holiday Special in front of a live studio audience in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota for a December 2021 nationally televised broadcast.


The 1-hour production would feature a celebrity host and 8 international vocal groups. Our mission is to provide talented vocal groups with a global stage, ​ˆfostering global harmony through vocal harmony”. 

Help Us Build Global Partnerships 

Behind The Mic
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In order to realize the above vision, we build partnerships by offering global corporations “experiential opportunities” to promote their brand. We’ve developed PowerPoint presentations for Amazon, VISA, FedEx, Starbucks, Apple, and Pepsi as prospective sponsors.

The 30-Second Celebrity Testimonial
We are reaching out to celebrities who would record a 30-second video testimonial in support of the Worldwide Holiday Special. The sponsorship gives these extraordinary vocal groups a global stage.

Well-known personalities will add impact to our mission. We are seeking 3 people who can make a difference in conveying the message. If you know a celebrity interested in giving opportunities to extraordinary vocal harmony artists, we’d appreciate getting in touch with them.

To quote Roy T. Bennett, “Great things happen to those who don't stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” 

Alton Accola, artist liaison
Behind The Mic

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