SLIXS are turning A Cappella listening habits on their head. With a powerful and daring mixture of Jazz, Pop and Funk, Classical and World Music – what they call the Vocal Bastard – these six multitalented voices have rocked audiences at concerts across Europe and Asia.

The SLIXS members all share the same unique musical ambition: to plumb the depths of the human voice. Such is the way how a listener is carried off into this paradise of tone colours, soundscapes and vocal percussion. After landing, he is simply astounded by the quality of the songs themselves and enjoys a very subtle feeling for groove...


SLIXS - that´s cosmos and chaos at the same time. Having the possibility to concentrate on small things and work very precisely in rehearsals, that´s a luxury - and letting go of it as soon as we go on stage. You jump into it and get out happier than before. All in all it´s the pure fun factor and euphoria of singing together that makes me forget everything else. And that feeling connects us with each other and the audience immediately.“


“Already as a kid, I used to sing along with every song playing on the radio. Later I discovered the universalism of Gospel and Soul and understood with it: Everybody has a voice, so go and learn to benefit your own! Singing is unbelievably relieving, stirring, and electrifying – addiction and blessing at the same time. But most of all, it’s incredibly much fun. Every one of the SLIXS has his own timbre. We have such big range to play with…"

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“No other instrument is as manifold as the human voice. The only problem is possibly its limited polophony. The answer: six voices. To investigate the human voice, to elicit its own unique sounds and to experience this dressed in a multiplex of harmony, is a fantastic thing. And after all these years with the SLIXS, with these five fantastic voices, it's still a wonder for me every time we take the stage.”


“For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by the human voice. I love singing and for many years, I've enjoyed setting lyrics to music. As baritone and noise generator, performing with the SLIXS is a true pleasure for me... If a motley crew of singers is not just up to pleasing with nice sounds and lo-fi entertainment, vocal music gets a real adventure, making people happy everywhere.“

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I started singing as a seven-yearold tearaway in a boys‘ choir in Jena, following this over the years by singing in a few classical ensembles. At the moment, I‘m studying opera, as bass, at the Musikhochschule in Leipzig. Singing with the SLIXS is always stepping out on new terrain. It‘s all about celebrating the groove. I‘ve always been a fan of a cappella, and I‘m just honoured to be a SLIXS!“


I took my first musical steps as a member of the well-known boys' choir “Stadtsingechor“ in Halle. A few years later, I started to study sacred music in Halle. I was always in the mood for searching new sounds and noises. And finally I always turned back to the voice as the queen of instruments. The combination of voice and my affinity for rhythm brought me to vocal percussion. That’s why I’m happy to be the “Beat“ of SLIXS!“