Ben Sidran and Leo Sidran

Jazz Pianist, Musical Director

Ben Sidran

Ben Sidran has been a major force in the modern-day history of jazz and rock & roll having played keyboards with or produced such artists as Steve Miller, Mose Allison, Diana Ross, Boz Scaggs, Phil Upchurch, Tony Williams, Jon Hendricks, Richie Cole, and Van Morrison.

It's been a long and varied journey for Ben Sidran — from playing boogie-woogie piano as a six-year-old in Racine, Wisconsin, leaning into his jazz records, listening to a Blue Mitchell solo "literally like an Eskimo huddled around a fire", growing up to play boogie-woogie piano around the world and, eventually, recording with Blue Mitchell on his first solo album. Despite the reality that Sidran is better known in Europe and Japan than in America—a fact of life for most jazz musicians—Ben Sidran is an American success story

Leo Sidran


Third Story Blog

Leo Sidran is a Grammy-nominated musician, composer, performer, and producer whose credits include co-producing the Oscar-winning song "Al Otro Lado Del Rio" for the soundtrack to the movie The Motorcycle Diaries.

Sidran began his career in music early. Having learned to play the drums from funk-jazz percussionist Clyde Stubblefield, he toured as a teenager with veteran rock star Steve Miller.


Sidran grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. His father, Ben Sidran, is a jazz musician, producer, and historian. His mother is a weaver. Leo attended the University of Wisconsin, graduating in 1999 with a degree in history and integrated liberal studies. While still in high school, he developed a fascination with Spain and the Spanish language and moved to Seville for a year in college. He relocated from Madison to Brooklyn in 2005 and has lived there since.


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