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2022 Worldwide Christmas Special

In December 2018, Behind The Mic broadcast its pilot of a Worldwide Holiday Special on its YouTube channel Hosted by Cheryl Bentyne of the Grammy-winning Manhattan Transfer, the 1-hour holiday special included vocal groups from Slovenia, the Philippines, Denmark, Sweden, France, England, Brazil, Canada, and the U.S.

Our plans were to produce a December 2021 holiday special for network television. However, because of Covid, we are pushing back the project to December 2022 in order to attract global sponsors to finance the Worldwide Holiday Special.

2018 Worldwide Holiday Special

Our Wish List

Part of the excitement of a 2022 Worldwide Holiday Special is a wish list of the international artists and celebrity hosts we’d like to include...

MayTree | South Korea
Club For Five | Finland
Accent | Sweden, France, England, Canada, USA

Sambaranda | Brazil
The Blenders | USA/North Dakota

Afro Blue | USA/Washington D.C.
7th Element |USA/Florida

Five By Design | USA/Minnesota