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Behind The Mic envisions filming the 2025 Worldwide Christmas Special in Minnesota for a nationally televised broadcast with global distribution. The special will feature a celebrity emcee, Grammy-winning co-hosts, and nine international vocal ensembles.  


Our mission of “fostering global harmony through vocal harmony” broadens the scope of entertainment and music education, emphasizing a collaboration of diverse artists in our global community.

Alvin Chea (Take 6) and Rosana Eckert  (vocal
educator at the University of North Texas) have filmed endorsements of the holiday special and will co-host the production once financing is secured.

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Rosana Eckert and Alvin Chea Endorsement  • COVID pushed back the 2022 holiday 

Our Global Artists


Over the past decade, we’ve filmed interviews with extraordinary vocal groups on Behind The Mic. The music video clips include artists we are considering for the 2025 Worldwide Christmas Special.

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Title Sponsorship

Title sponsorship provides crucial financial backing for the production, including hiring talent, licensing, securing filming locations, purchasing equipment, and ensuring the highest possible production values.

Because the 2025 Worldwide Christmas Special will be nationally televised and distributed to the countries of the participating artists, the title sponsor will receive global brand exposure throughout the holiday season. This exposure will enhance brand visibility among the nationally televised audience, increasing brand recognition and customer engagement.


  • Audience Data: By analyzing who is watching the show, their demographics, and viewing habits, producers can tailor the content to appeal to the most comprehensive or lucrative audience. This might include selecting music that resonates with certain age groups or scheduling the special at a time when the target audience is most likely to be watching.

  • AI and Machine Learning: The potential of AI is vast. It can predict which songs or performers might be more favored by analyzing past trends and current music streaming; it can help create engaging promotional materials by determining what kind of advertising content viewers are more likely to respond to, sparking optimism for the future of content creation data. Furthermore.

  • Analytics: Real-time analytics can provide immediate feedback on how the audience receives the special. Social media sentiment analysis can gauge viewer reactions, and streaming figures can show how many people are watching live or catching up later.

Audience Data, AI, Analytics

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Apple Vision Pro
Given Apple Vision Pro's recent debut, there is an opportunity to establish a partnership with Apple to transform the holiday special into an all-Apple tech venture. Through this collaboration, we can offer valuable brand exposure and its association with a worldwide audience. 

Innovative Filming Techniques 

With its cutting-edge technology, Apple can revolutionize holiday productions by using augmented or virtual reality elements to immerse viewers in an enchanting holiday special.


Behind-the-Scenes Tech

Apple could showcase behind-the-scenes tech with an educational approach aligned with its commitment to advancing technology. For example, it could use the latest MacBooks for video editing to show how iPhones capture high-quality footage.

Augmented Reality Greetings
Apple could develop an AR app that allows viewers to send personalized holiday greetings to their loved ones following the broadcast. The app could also create animations on real-world scenes using the iPhone camera.


The key is seamlessly integrating technology into the storytelling without overshadowing the holiday spirit. By doing so, Apple can create a memorable and innovative holiday special that resonates with audiences worldwide.

It is noteworthy that Governor Walz recently signed Minnesota’s film and tax credit. According to a YouGov survey, 65% of Americans say they tune in to holiday programming. Such support bolsters the state's economy, amplifies voices from diverse backgrounds, and provides a way for music and storytelling to take a global stage.

Because the production will also be distributed to the countries of the global artists, we are pitching “title sponsorship” for the holiday special to a sole global corporation.


Alton Accola, Vitae

As the founder and artist liaison of Behind The Mic, Accola has filmed educational interviews with over 100 artists, educators, and music industry specialists. Among the notable interviewees were Bobby McFerrin, The Hi-Lo’s (Clark Burroughs and Don Shelton), Rod Henley of The Four Freshmen, The Lettermen, The Manhattan Transfer (Janis Siegel, Alan Paul, and Cheryl Bentyne), Ben Folds, Home Free, Alvin Chea of the 10-time Grammy-winning TAKE 6, and vocal groups from around the globe.

At this time, we envision creating the 2025 global holiday special as an experiential event that will bring international vocal groups together in the spirit of collaboration and global unity.

After dedicating ten years to choral education, Accola made a career shift to become the talent agent for the vocal quintet Five By Design, based in Minnesota. Over nearly three decades, he orchestrated engagements for the fivesome with 132 symphony orchestras throughout North America, including renowned ensembles such as the Minnesota Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, Toronto Symphony, Pittsburgh Symphony, Kansas City Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, Houston Symphony, Winnipeg Symphony, and the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center.  Notably, in 2012, he arranged for Five By Design to embark on an East Coast holiday tour led by conductor Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops.

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