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Coming In 2024!

Behind The Mic

“fostering global harmony through vocal harmony”

Music and lyrics define who we are as a culture.
At Behind The Mic, we view the world through the prism

of positive behaviors, ambitions, and actions.

The next generation of vocal artists represents 

a cross-section of cultures in our global community,

uplifting and impacting humanity in the spirit of 

diversity, generosity, faith, and LOVE...
it’s what the world needs now.

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Behind The Mic is envisioning the filming of its 2024 Worldwide Christmas Special for a nationally televised December broadcast with distribution to countries of the performing artists. The special will be co-hosted by Alvin Chea (vocalist with the 10-time, Grammy-winning TAKE 6), and Rosana Eckert (recording artist/vocal educator at the University of North Texas).


The production will include vocal groups from India, Slovenia, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, France, England, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.  We are “fostering global harmony with vocal harmony”  collaborating with artists in our global community. 

Just Imagine!

At the Studio

Our Co-Hosts

The Worldwide Christmas Special was pushed back to 2024 due to COVID.

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